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Company & Employee Enrichment API

Create a List of Companies or Employees with our Enrichment API

Create a list of companies or employees

This endpoint allows you to create a list of companies or employees.


dynamic Optional
Whether the list is dynamic or not. If set to true, the list will be updated automatically when new companies or employees are added to the database.
Possible values false true
name Required
The name of the list.
type Required
The type of list to create.
Possible values companies employees


list. analytics object
The analytics of the list.
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list. companyList object
The associated company list when there is one.
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list. createdAt date
When the list was created. 2022-02-22T07:23:52.000+00:00
list. dynamic boolean
Whether the list is dynamic or static. true
list. id number
The id of the list. 3838
list. imported boolean
Whether the list has been imported. true
list. integrations array
The integrations associated with the list.
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list. invisible boolean
Whether the list is invisible (for internal use). true
list. name string
The name of the list French NodeJS Companies
list. processActive boolean
The process active status of the list (for internal use). true
list. processInitialized boolean
The process initialized flag (for internal use). true
list. processingAt date
When the list is being processed. 2022-02-22T07:23:52.000+00:00
list. query array
The query used to generate the list.
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list. type string
The type of the list. companies
Possible values companies employees
{ analytics : { companiesCount : 0 , } , companyList : null , createdAt : "2022-04-01T13:07:14.000+00:00" , dynamic : false , id : 4246 , imported : false , integrations : [ ] , invisible : false , name : "French NodeJS Companies" , processActive : false , processInitialized : true , processingAt : "2022-04-01T13:07:15.000+00:00" , query : [ ] , type : "companies" , }

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