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Company & Employee Enrichment API

Enrich a Company's Domain Name into a Goldmine of Info with our API

Enrich a company from a domain
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Enrich a company by sending us its domain name. The domain name is a better identifier than the company name because it is unique and less prone to typos.


domain Required
The company domain. …/companies/


company. alexaRank number
The company's Alexa rank. 8
company. analyzedAt string
The last time the company has been analyzed. 2021-12-22T15:49:15.000Z
company. businessType string
The company's business type. public-company
Possible values educational-institution government-agency nonprofit partnership privately-held public-company self-employed sole-proprietorship
company. city object
The company's city.
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company. codeNaics string
The company's NAICS code. 518210
company. codeSic string
The company's SIC code. 5961
company. companiesAcquisitions array
The acquired companies.
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company. companiesSubsidiaries array
The subsidiary companies.
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company. companiesSimilar array
The similar companies.
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company. companyParent object
The parent company.
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company. continent object
The company's continent.
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company. country object
The company's country.
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company. county object
The company's county.
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company. description string
The company's description., Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington, which focuses on…
company. descriptionShort string
The company's short description in one line., Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle.
company. domain string
The company's domain.
company. domainAlts string
The company's alternative domains (redirection).
company. domainName string
The company's domain name. amazon
company. domainTld string
The company's top level domain. com
company. emailPatterns array
The company's email patterns for employees.
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company. id number
The company id. 5130216
company. industries array
The company's industries. Internet, Fashion, Marketing…
company. industryMain string
The company's main industry (usually from LinkedIn). Internet
company. logo string
The company's logo url.
company. monthlyVisitors enum
The company's total monthly visitors. over-1b
Possible values under-10k 10k-50k 50k-100k 100k-500k 500k-1m 1m-10m 10m-50m 50m-100m 100m-500m 500m-1b over-1b
company. name string
The company's name. Amazon
company. phoneNumber string
The company's phone number. 00 1 206-922-0880
company. revenue enum
The company's revenue. over-1b
Possible values under-1m 1m-10m 10m-50m 50m-100m 100m-200m 200m-1b over-1b
company. socialNetworks object
The company's social networks.
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company. state object
The company's state.
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company. stockExchange string
The company's stock exchange. NYSE
company. stockSymbol string
The company's stock symbol. AMZN
company. technologies array
The technologies used by the company.
company. technologyCategories array
The technologies' categories used by the company.
company. totalEmployees enum
The company's total number of employees. over-10k
Possible values 1-10 10-50 50-200 200-500 500-1k 1k-5k 5k-10k over-10k
company. totalEmployeesExact number
The company's exact number of employees. 3930
company. yearFounded number
The company's year of foundation. 1994
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