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Search companies by name
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Retrieve a company profile by providing the company name. You can use this endpoint if you need more information about the company, but be careful. Two companies can have the same name—for example, Bolt. That's why this feature can return multiple companies.


name Required
The company name. …/companies/by-name?name=amazon
countries Optional
The countries to filter the companies by. You can provide multiple countries separated by a comma. Default to all countries. …/companies/by-name?countries=us,fr,de
Possible values ad ae af ag ai al am ao aq ar as at au aw ax az ba bb bd be Show more
exactWordsMatch Optional
If set to true, the company name must match the searched words. 'Bank of A' will not return Bank of America but 'Bank of' and 'Bank of America' will. Default to true. …/companies/by-name?exactWordsMatch=false
size Optional
The number of companies to be returned (between 1 and 25). Default to 1. …/companies/by-name?name=amazon&size=2


companies array
The companies that match with the name.
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meta array
The metas information.
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