This is how our customers use our product

You have no idea how much you can do with our database of companies

Let us be your data broker, and tell us when you need a specific data point. It will always be cheaper than hiring engineers.

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Find companies similar to your existing customers
Enter the domain name of specific companies and our algorithms will return all the businesses similar to them.
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Retrieve any company's profile from its name or domain name
Enrich a company with 50+ data points: revenue, industries, technologies, total employees, social networks, etc.
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Segment & Download million companies to find customers
Use our search engine or the API to find new companies by industry, revenue, technology, location, and 20+ filters.
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Create your list of companies with a file of domains, names, or URLs and find the employees
Import a file of domains, company names, or social network URLs (LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). Our algorithms will save the enriched companies in your list, ready to download.
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Find the employees of a company with our API
Send a domain name, the job titles, and the locations you want to target. Our algorithms will detect all the employees matching your criteria and send the results to your webhook.
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Get notified when a new company matches your targeting filter
Your list of companies can be marked as dynamic. When our algorithms detect a new company matching your targeting filter, they will add it to your list, and you will be notified (webhooks, integrations, etc.).