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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel or upgrade my subscription later?

How often do you update your database of companies?

Do you provide a verified email and LinkedIn URL for the employees?

Is it legal and GDPR compliant?

How can I use your data?

Will it cost 2 credits to save the same company twice?

Do you have rate limits?

Still not convinced?Here is why we are different from others

We have more companies than most of our competitors.

(With 54 million companies from 56 different sources)


We have spent the last three years designing algorithms to analyze data sources available on the Internet (and we keep adding new ones). All our companies are updated every two months to provide the best quality your product deserves.

Our database of companies is updated daily

(We also remove companies that went out of business)


Our infrastructure has been thought to work in real time. This means that whenever a new company is created somewhere in the world (assuming they have a website), we will be among the first ones to detect it.

We can work on retrieving the data points you need

(it will always be cheaper than hiring engineers)


If you need a data point that we do not provide (like a specific technology or industry), we can improve our algorithms for you.

We make sure the employees are still working in the company

(As many employees change companies every two to three years)


We don't have any database of employees. Our algorithms are intelligent and analyze suitable data sources to ensure your results are of excellent quality.

Our product is constantly updated with new features

(And we listen to the needs of our customers)


We are always working on new features that will help you get the most out of your product. We are detail-oriented, and you are going to love working with us!

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Hi, I need a specific datapoint for my product but it seems that you don't have in your database. Can you help me?


I have notified the team about this. Let us 15 days and it will be live on the platform. Thank you for the idea!